About my name and the domain

  • My name is maxiao, the pronunciation is mǎ xiāo rather than mǎ xiǎo. There are always someone whose   Chinese was taught by its cat call me xiǎo xiǎo xiǎo, oh, what the holy fuck! Now I registered the domain name with the number 1 in it just want to notify that please pronounce 1 instead of 3. If you want to contact me, plz add my WeChat:xx_mark.

  • 骁读xiāo,一声,不是三声,总有一些大兄弟喜欢叫晓,小,尧,我晓你一脸。特地注册了域名max1ao.com,已经把1声的1写到域名,跟我大声一起念,西~1~奥~骁~ 希望我再也不用担心别人叫我麻小了。可以加我微信:xx_mark。